As winter approaches in Nevada County and the surrounding areas, it's important to prepare your landscaping to withstand the colder temperatures. Winterizing your landscape not only protects your plants but also ensures a healthy and vibrant garden come spring. In this guide, we'll cover essential steps, including winter irrigation settings and the benefits of mulching.

Winter Irrigation Settings

1. Adjusting Irrigation Schedule:

  • In Nevada County, winter typically brings cooler and wetter conditions. Adjust your irrigation schedule to accommodate the reduced water needs of plants during this season.
  • Consider reducing the frequency of watering, as plants absorb less water in colder temperatures.

2. Mid-day Watering:

  • We recommend December through the end of February to water your landscape once a week, mid-day. Mid-day watering allows the ground to thaw and your irrigation to work properly. It is common in our area to experience dry periods throughout the winter, this is why we recommend once a week watering. This allows your landscape to get the proper amount of water and ensures healthy plants come spring time.

Mulching Your Landscape

1. Benefits of Winter Mulching:

  • Mulching is a key practice in winterizing your landscape. It offers numerous benefits, including insulation, weed suppression, and moisture retention.
  • Mulch acts as a protective barrier for plant roots, shielding them from extreme temperatures and reducing the risk of frost damage.

2. Choosing the Right Mulch:

  • Opt for organic mulches like wood chips, straw, or bark. These materials break down over time, adding valuable nutrients to the soil. Here at Weiss, we use shredded cedar bark mulch, walk-on bark mulch and natural woodchips from local landscape yards and tree companies.
  • Apply a layer of mulch around plants, ensuring it's thick enough to provide adequate insulation but not too close to the stems to prevent rot. We recommend a 2’’ to 3’’ layer of mulch.

Wrapping it up; Winterization for your outdoor landscapes in Nevada County

Irrigating properly throughout the winter and installing mulch in your landscape are two very important ways to ensure that your plants are thriving year-round.